Busy times

Well, the first half of this year has been really busy for me. Two big collisions, one small collision, one grounding, one cargo damage claim and a port liability matter. Although at times it was a little hectic due to short deadlines in some cases, I now realise that I have more capacity to take on multiple matters than I thought I had. That’s a good thing! Some of these matters are still in progress but have taken a back seat while settlement negotiations are underway or perhaps waiting for exchange of documents and so forth so I have been catching up with administrative matters and tidying up my digital library, which is becoming quite extensive. The secure cloud filing system I initiated when I started this venture has worked out very well and everything is backed up twice to local drives. Apart from a single HDD failure in a RAID 5 set. everything has been running as it should. The RAID set did it’s work and rebuilt all the files on a new drive and in any case, that was a backup unit. I have a few days to relax now so time to take the dogs for a walk!

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