Collision Plotting

I had an interesting enquiry about VDR data presentation and so forth in relation to collision plots. Of course we can easily get AIS data from third-party sources but that has already been processed and cannot be considered as ‘raw’ data. I like to use the coded AIS inputs and outputs recorded in the VDR files. Anyway, whilst waiting for clients to decide whether to move forward or not, I set up a template for future collisions in the Singapore Straits so that I have the charted TSS and port limit details on record and I can easily insert positional and time data from VDR files for any number of targets. I use Cinema 4D even though it is for a 2D presentation, because C4D is very good for facilitating data import. I can also easily switch to 3D views if necessary e.g. for ‘seeing’ what the 3/O would have seen had he looked out the window!It took a while but I think it is worthwhile. Apart from anything else, I have to keep my hand in with these applications otherwise I might get a bit rusty!

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