One of the cases I’m working on refers to some hydrostatic calculations compiled by our opponents’ consultants. I’m already wary of the results because of one or two figures that don’t make any sense to me for a trapezoidal barge in upright condition, but I don’t have the hydrostatic tools to explore further – so I’ve been investigating. So far, I’ve looked at: GHS – not enthralled with the command line approach these days. Too much like going back to DOS! Rhino 5 with Rhino Marine and ORCA 3D plugins. This combo seems to have promise, but since I’ve spent the last 13 years or so developing my knowledge of Cinema 4D, I’m reluctant to invest in and start learning a new 3D system. Maxsurf is very comprehensive and probably more than I need. I also looked at Freeship and Archimedes, but have more or less decided that for me, Delftship ticks all the boxes. They were the original developers of Freeship. I now have the Pro version of Delftship and built the barge model in that without too much difficulty. I’m in discussion with them about the necessary extensions to undertake the task mentioned. I would always encourage a client to use the services of a Naval Architect where appropriate, but this matter simply requires checking on other’s work and clients are reluctant to shell out for NA advice. I hope I will be able to recover costs over time!

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