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3 comments on “Contacts
  1. Paul Fielding (ginge) says:

    Was watching Britain at low tide and saw the wreckage of the original Pegu. With suffering some memory losses I seem to remember sailing on the ED version as a cadet. I was with Elder’s from 1964 to1977.

    • aulisinsights says:

      Hi Paul,

      I was with Blue Flu 1966 to 1970 as apprentice. I sailed on the ED’s Pegu first in Guinea Gulf colours down the West Coast of Africa and the Nigerian Creeks then on the next voyage in Paddy Henderson colours to Colombo, Rangoon, Trincomalee and Colombo – 4 ports in 5 months! I’m afraid I can’t remember many names from those days. I think the Second Mate was Aubrey somebody on my first trip and on the Burma trip the old man was a tall Scots bloke with ginger hair. On that trip the crew and some of the officers were Burmese. Charlie Tinglay or some such rings a bell as 3/O and the Second Engineer was Burmese. My fellow cadet was also Burmese from a wealthy family and his father arranged a football match in a local stadium in Rangoon, with the town’s team. All good fun, but names are foggy!

  2. Graham Maclean says:

    Ginge, I was on an MAR course with you (I think), did you have a newish car whilst “Tim” Grey had a big old black beast with running boards and rear window curtains and “big Bill Billimore” colin Billimore had a morris convertable.

    Graham Maclean

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