Aulis Insights Pte Ltd is a maritime consultancy established in Singapore in early 2014 by myself, Capt. Bruce Ewen.

Aulis and Troy2

The Aegean Sea

The name “Aulis” originally referred to the ancient Greek port where the combined Grecian armies embarked for the Trojan War, as described in Homer’s Iliad: “All who have not since perished must remember as though it were yesterday or the day before, how the ships of the Achaeans were detained in Aulis when we were on our way hither to make war on Priam and the Trojans.” The port is now identified with the modern city of Alvida.

Aulis Hostel

Aulis: The Blue Funnel Line hostel for midshipmen.

In more recent times, Aulis was the hostel in Liverpool’s Aigburth district from where midshipmen of Alfred Holt & Company embarked on their first voyage. All vessels in the Blue Funnel fleet were named after characters from the Iliad and the Odyssey so it was fitting that the hostel was named accordingly.



Since I am embarking on a new venture, and given my history with Blue Funnel, I thought the name “Aulis” was appropriate.

Unfortunately, since the demise of the once magnificent British Merchant Navy, many establishments such as Aulis, and the nearby maritime training institution, Riversdale Technical College, have long since ceased to exist. The grounds in which Aulis stood are now occupied by the Riversdale Police Club although the adjacent playing field still carries the name “Alfred Holt Recreation Ground”.

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  1. Gavin MacMillan says:

    Any possibility of a decent sized copy of the picture of Aulis. I was there from 1971 through 73 while I went to college as the first step in becoming an engineer – I was one of the tranche that went to Birkenhead Technical College instead of Riversdale. Would be well pleased to get a good copy of the first place I moved to after I left home.

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