Video Clips

I will post some video clips here of work I do to support or understand matters I’m working on or to explore various issues. These will be quite low resolution because I can’t post the high-res stuff here but higher resolution clips are available here.

ID Subject Clip
AIPL-VC-008 This is a 17-minute clip advising on the cautionary use of VHF. Link to the Cyprus report is here, and the MGN here. Use VHF with CAUTION
AIPL-VC-007 This is an 8-minute clip discussing safety contours on ECDIS charts. Safety Contours
AIPL-VC-006 This is a 6-minute clip discussing the quality of data on nautical charts. Chart Quality
AIPL-VC-005 This is a 7-minute clip discussing various aspects of CATZOCS. Understanding CATZOCS
AIPL-VC-004 This is a 3.5-minute clip discussing some causes of a grounding in Muluku and some related matters. Grounding in Muluku
AIPL-VC-003 This is a 3-minute clip discussing the need for the person who applies chart corrections to consider the implications of any changes. Be Aware
AIPL-VC-002 This is a 3-minute clip to show how using the Sailing Directions wisely can prevent groundings. Use The Sailing Directions
AIPL-VC-001 This is a 30-minute video clip of a presentation on passage planning I gave to a number of maritime colleagues. It includes a review of the grounding of CMA CGM LIBRA which has focussed some attention this year. Passage Planning
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