This page provides brief summaries of some representative (but not exhaustive) activities in which I have participated, both before and after setting up Aulis Insights.

Matter Media
Instructed by Kennedys Legal Solutions on behalf of clients in Sabah to investigate the loss of a cargo of scrap metal from a barge being towed in heavy weather from Kota Kinabalu to Butterworth and in the first instance, provide a Preliminary Opinion on related matters. The Budget 11 towing the Budget 21. Matter in progress.
Used VTIS, AIS and some radar data to create a 2D motion reconstruction of a vessel dragging anchor while bunkering with resultant collision. Instructed by Thomas Cooper Law on behalf of West of England P&I. The Eagle—the Alpha—the New Millennium.
Instructed by Rajah & Tann on behalf of the Federated States of Micronesia on the grounding of an LNG vessel on Eauripik Atoll on April 18th, 2017. Investigated the circumstances of the grounding and prepared a report on the navigational aspects. Matter in progress. The Savilla Knutsen.
Instructed by Clyde & Co in a contractual arbitration. Aryana Shipping Limited — P.T. Sukses Osean Khatulistiwa Line. The Sukses XI.
Instructed by Clyde & Co on behalf of cargo interests in the grounding of an outbound container vessel at the port of Xiamen. Provided technical expertise on navigational systems. The CMA CGM Libra.
Instructed by insurers to provide technical advisory reports on the allision between an outbound laden oil tanker and a petroleum jetty in western Singapore. The Falcon GraceVopak Terminals Pte Ltd, Singapore Petroleum Co. Ltd., Singapore Cleanseas Pte. Ltd. Matter in progress.
Obtained VTIS data and prepared a computer plot and expert report on behalf of P&I insurers on a collision between two harbour craft in Singapore with the resultant foundering of one. The SC 0246E — the SC 4588A. Instructed by The Shipowners' P&I Club on behalf of SC 0246E interests. Computer reconstruction and report completed and matter satisfactorily settled.
Prepared an expert report on the grounding of a laden VLCC in the Karimata Strait, April 2017. The Alex. Instructed by Clyde & Co. on behalf of cargo interests. Matter in progress.
Provided an expert report on behalf of charterer on a cargo of plate glass damaged en route between Rostov-on-Don and Izmir. Guardian Skelko Rostov LLC — AR Shipping and Trading Limited. The Nali. Instructed by Dentons UKMEA LLP on behalf of cargo interests. Investigation and report completed.
Provided an expert witness report on behalf of P&I and Japanese insurers for a collision in Singapore involving a container ship and a tug and tow. The NYK Themis — the AZ Fuzhou — the AZ Carnation. Instructed by Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP on behalf of NYK Themis interests. Completed expert witness report and supplementary report. Matter amicably settled out of court, July 2017.
Provided an expert witness report with computer analysis on behalf of Korean insurers for a collision in the Singapore Straits involving a capesize bulk carrier and an LNG carrier. Instructed by Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP on behalf of Hanjin Ras Laffan interests. Assisted solicitors at the Supreme Court of Singapore when factual witnesses were heard in May 2018 and gave evidence for 3 days as an expert witness in August 2018. Attended oral submissions on October 8th., 2018. Now we await the judgement. The Mount Apo — the Hanjin Ras Laffan.
Conducted a technical review of applicable rules and regulations for dredging in Malaysian waters. Instructed by Suflan T H Liew & Partners, Kuala Lumpur on behalf of undisclosed clients.
Reviewed documentation relating to the collapse of a deck crane during loading at a Malaysian port with subsequent commercial losses. Assessed liability. Wrote expert witness report with a view to giving evidence at trial in Kuantan. Created simple 3D dynamic simulation of crane movements for use in Court. Gave evidence in Court and matter concluded successfully. Instructed by Suflan T H Liew & Partners, Kuala Lumpur on behalf of Pacific Insurance Berhad. The Jin Hai Zhong. Crane dynamics
Analysed an expert witness report relating to the loss of a bulk carrier most likely due to liquefaction. Provided advice and comments for owner's insurance and legal representatives. Instructed by Clyde & Co Clasis, Singapore on behalf of Swiss Re. The Vinalines Queen. Vinalines Queen
Prepared an expert witness report addressing the frustrated sale of an oil field support vessel which was to be heard in the Singapore Court but was settled on the first day of proceedings. Instructed by Global Law Alliance LLC, Singapore on behalf of EG Marine Pte. Ltd. The Teras Bandicoot.
Reviewed technical documentation in order to address potential liability for a liquefaction-linked foundering. Potential Malaysian Court matter. Instructed by Suflan T H Liew & Partners, Kuala Lumpur, on behalf of Pacific Insurance Berhad. The Bulk Jupiter.
Analysed a contract relating to T&I and HUC for an Extended Well Test project in East Malaysia in order to establish cause of delays. The contract involved provision of a Marine Spread, laying of a flow line from a Tarpon to CALM Buoy, deploying and tensioning of anchors and cables and hook-up of the buoy and EWT vessel. Prepared an expert witness statement for use in Malaysian Courts. Provided expert witness testimony at Shah Alam High Court. Instructed by Shearn Delamore & Co., Kuala Lumpur on behalf of Malaysian Shipping Agencies Sdn Bhd.
Used historical AIS data to analyse the movement of vessels and the distribution of pooled bunkers for legal representatives pursuant to a bunker supplier bankruptcy in Singapore. Identified and catalogued the time and place of losses. Instructed by Hill Dickinson, Singapore on behalf of Gulf Petrochem Pte Ltd.
Provided  2D and 3D reconstructions and supporting expert evidence in a claim relating to anchor damage to a submarine telecommunications cable for use in a Malaysian Court. Instructed by Shearn Delamore & Co., Kuala Lumpur on behalf of Telekom Malaysia Berhad. The PU 2402. Cable Damage
Used source VDR encoded data from a faulty VDR unit to reconstruct a collision sequence off Korea on behalf of owners and an International Group P&I Club and provided 2D and 3D motion sequences of bridge and radar views for use in a South Korean Court. These helped reverse decisions made by a lower court. Instructed by Cyprus Maritime Co. Ltd., Athens through Britannia P&I Club. The Panamax Blessing — the Harmony Rise. Radar Reconstruction
Attended a collision incident between two cargo vessels off Thailand. Took statements secured evidence and wrote an opinion on liability on behalf of owners and insurers. Instructed by Clyde & Co., Piraeus on behalf of Gard P&I Club. The CN Jumbos — the Anton Topic. Anton Topic
Analysed various voyages for a vessel allegedly provided with off-spec fuel. Showed that despite assertions to the contrary the vessel had in fact used most of the fuel with existing equipment and without any fuel treatment. Instructed by Clyde & Co Clasis, Singapore on behalf of CJ International Asia Pte Ltd. The Jupiter.
Attended a site in Angola to investigate the total loss of a jack-up rig off the mouth of the Congo River. Provided a very comprehensive report and 3D animation to show that the loss was due to a catastrophic punch-through. Instructed by Clyde & Co, London on behalf of Saipem. The Perro Negro 6. Perro Negro 6
Investigated a collision in Singapore western anchorage where a departing oil tanker struck 2 other vessels while running astern for a prolonged period. Wrote a report on liability. At the request of the tanker owners, developed a 2D reconstruction for their training purposes. The Lambari — the Ocean Falcon — the Titan Faith.
Investigated a collision off Dumai for insurers. Reviewed available documentation and wrote a report on liability in preparation for settlement. The Star Asia — The Medelin Atlas.
Developed a 3D reconstruction of a collision and allision in the Karnafuli River at Chittagong which occurred some 9 years previously.  Used contemporaneous statements to reconstruct events with a view to ascertaining whether or not the port was safe. Instructed as expert witness. Instructed by Cyprus Maritime Co. Ltd., Athens. The Commander Express — the Banglar Maya. Commander Express
Conducted a thorough review of documents provided by a major insurer in relation to oil cargo losses allegedly incurred during shipments from offshore Vietnamese oilfields to the receiving terminals. Pinpointed areas of concern and showed where the loss control strategy and operation could be improved. Instructed by Clyde & Co Clasis, Singapore on behalf of AXA Insurance, Singapore.
Used 3D computer techniques to analyse events surrounding a fatal fall from an oil rig under construction at a Singapore shipyard. Video not posted on this site due to sensitive nature of the incident. Instructed by Clyde & Co, London on behalf of insurers
Acted as expert witness in Kuala Lumpur Court for a matter involving the total loss of a barge and cargo off the east coast of peninsular Malaysia allegedly due to overloading. Provided evidence to successfully support the view that the barge was not overloaded. Instructed by T H Liew & Partners, Kuala Lumpur on behalf of the barge owners, Perusahaan Sinar Jaya Sdn Bhd. The Baiduri 27353.
Attended a collision in Singapore Western Petroleum Anchorage involving a vessel having dragged anchor. Acted for insurers. Took witness statements, collected evidence and wrote report on liability. The Chang Hang Xing Yun — the Maersk Cassandra.
Investigated a fatal collision on the Pearl River estuary between a high speed ferry and a coastal vessel involving PRC maritime law. Wrote a report for use by Chinese lawyers on behalf of insurers. The San Bu — the Yue Guang Zhou Huo 0217.
Investigated the foundering of a semi-submersible, Singapore-registered, oil rig off the coast of Venezuela on behalf of insurers. The Aban Pearl.
Analysed documents and provided a report to show that a sub-sea pipeline off Jakarta had been damaged by a particular barge on a particular day. This involved analyses of the movements of two marine spreads. Instructed by Clyde & Co Clasis. Singapore on behalf of the insurers, PT. Tugu Pratama, Jakarta.
Attended a collision between a departing container vessel and a berthed oil tanker at Oiltanking Terminal in singapore. Investigated the circumstances and damage and wrote a report on liability for insurers. The Pac Aquila — the Semua Gemilang.
Analysed documents and provided a report to show that a tug had anchored in a Malaysian oil field and damaged a sub-sea pipeline. Supported lawyers in the Kuala Lumpur Court. Instructed by T.H. Liew & Partners on behalf of Newfield Peninsula Malaysia Inc.
Attended a grounded supramax bulk carrier laden with nickel ore at Teluk Buli in Halmahera.  Investigated the causes and influencing circumstances and reported to the P&I Club. Instructed by The North of England P&I Club through Clyde & Co, Singapore. The Noble Hawk. NobleHawk
Attended a site in East Malaysia where a container crane had collapsed during load-out from a transportation barge. Assessed the transportation and load-out procedures and provided a detailed technical report for insurers with conclusions as to the cause of the loss. Instructed by Clyde & Co Singapore on behalf of Munich Re. Crane Collapse
Attended a laden capesize vessel involved in multiple collisions after the loss of both anchors at an anchorage off Singapore. Wrote a technical report after taking witness statements and advised owner's legal and insurance representatives. Instructed by The London P&I Club through Clyde & Co Singapore. The Good Luck — the E.R. Fremantle — the Atlantic Jupiter — the Elbtank Germany — the Sfakia — the Cape Ann — the Leo One. Good Luck
Developed 2D and 3D simulations of a collision off the Philippines involving a supramax bulk carrier and a reefer vessel. Used wireframe 3D tools to develop witness statements since VDR and AIS were defective. Produced a 2D and 3D reconstruction of events. Instructed by Clyde & Co, London on behalf of Ro Ro Shipping Holdings LLC. The Ocean Express 1 — the Navios Celestial. Ocean Express
Investigated a collision between a vessel dragging anchor in Singapore's Eastern Anchorage, and an anchored tug. Wrote a report on liability and estimated repair costs. The Mekong Spirit — the Janus.
Investigated a collision between a Capesize vessel at anchor off the Johor River and an anchoring oil tanker. Wrote a report on causes and liability. The Mineral Capeasia — The Bunga Kelana 10.
Developed a very complex 2D computer reconstruction of a collision in India where only the VDR of our client’s vessel was available and no information from the opponent's vessel was forthcoming. Instructed by Clyde & Co, Hong Kong, on behalf of vessel owners. The Oriental Marguerite — the Kamal XXIX. Oriental Marguerite
Used client’s VDR to construct a 2D computer reconstruction of a collision off Singapore involving a container crane carrier and a bulk carrier. Instructed by Clyde & co Singapore on behalf of PICC. The Zhen Hua 11 — the Caribbean Frontier. Zhen Hua 11
Developed 2D and 3D computer reconstructions of a fatal collision event in Hong Kong. These were used to develop witnesses statement and in court. Gave evidence as expert witness in Hong Kong Court. Instructed by Clyde & co, Hong Kong, for West of England P&I on behalf of Hong Kong Pilot's Association. The Yao Hai—the Neftegaz 67. Yao Hai
Undertook a review of the contractual employment and subsequent deployment of an Accommodation Barge and supporting marine spread by an Oil Major for an offshore Vietnam oil field with a view to assessing suitability for the task. Deployment of the spread had allegedly resulted in damage to offshore installations. Instructed by Rajah & Tann, Singapore, on behalf of BP Vietnam.
Investigated claims for a collision between an oil tanker and container vessel in dense fog off Lamma Island in Hong Kong. Wrote a report on the claims for Clyde & Co. The World Dynasty — the Hub Stellar.
Investigated an oil tanker touching bottom whilst in ballast and the subsequent death of a diver investigating the hull damage. Wrote a report identifying location of the bottom-touching and the likely cause and also the likely cause of the unfortunate fatality. The Bunga Kelana 6.
Developed a 3D and 2D reconstruction of the Hebei Spirit incident in Korea to assist insurers with their initial challenges. Helped avoid incarceration of Master and Chief Officer. Instructed by Ince & co., Hong Kong, on behalf of Skuld P&I Club. The Hebei Spirit — the Samsung No. 1.
Developed a 3D computer reconstruction of an incident involving a collision between two large container vessels approaching Singapore and a third smaller vessel which allegedly influenced decisions. Instructed by Thomas Cooper LLC, Singapore, on behalf of vessel owner. The APL Dubai — the APL Almandine.
Developed 2D & 3D motion reconstructions for a collision off Yeosu Korea. Plot showed that opponents vessel was clearly overtaking and did not take the appropriate action. Instructed by Kim & Chang, Seoul, on behalf of vessel owner. The Pos Bravery — the Morning Express.
Investigated a collision on the Saigon River involving an LPG tanker and a coastal cargo vessel on behalf of North of England P&I. The latter vessel sank as a result of the collision. Obtained a private video showing that the tanker had taken all way off before the collision, contrary to the claims of the coastal vessel. Wrote a report on liability and costs. The Gas Shanghai — the Hoang Dat 36. Sinking of the Hoang Dat 36
Undertook a speed and angle of blow survey on two vessels which collided in open waters. Wrote a report describing the collision event and offering and opinion on liability. The Bao Xing — the Maersk Kimi.
Developed a 2D motion reconstruction based on AIS information to show a collision between two vessels in Singapore western anchorage. Instructed by Thomas Cooper LLC, Singapore, on behalf of vessel owner. The S.A.Helderberg — the Ocean Sapphire.
Developed a 2D motion reconstruction to show events resulting in the grounding of an LPG tanker on the west coast of India. Used data from port radars to support the findings. Plot showed that the incident was due to pilot error and not safety of the port. Instructed by Thomas Cooper LLC, London, on behalf of vessel owner. The Kew Bridge.
Investigated a fatal collision between a Handysize bulk carrier and a Japanese coastal vessel off the coast of Japan on behalf of North of England P&I. Wrote a report on speed and angle and liability for the insurers. The Thailine 6 — the Shinwa Maru No. 8.
Investigated a collision in the Singapore Straits between a cargo/timber vessel and a container ship as instructed by lawyers. Wrote a report on causes and liability. The Long An — The MOL Fortune.
Investigated a collision between a container vessel and a Panamax bulk carrier. Conducted a speed and angle of blow survey and wrote a report on liability and costs for lawyers. The Katerina — the Kaido.
Investigated a collision between a laden VLCC and a car carrier in the Singapore Straits which also involved a third vessel which did not collide. Wrote a preliminary report on causes and liability. The Kaminesan — the Hyundai 105.
Acted as expert witness in a Singapore arbitration involving damage to the fittings of a CALM single point mooring system allegedly due to changes in currents caused by land reclamation and subsequent unusual movements by moored tankers. Instructed by DLA Piper on behalf of land reclamation contractor's insurers.
Researched safe transit drafts for laden VLCCs through the Singapore Straits. Consulted with several relevant bodies in Singapore and conducted detailed search of available information resources. Considered all influences on tanker safety including currents and tidal streams. Provided bound publication and CD. Instructed by Messrs. Andros Maritime Ltd.
Undertook investigation of bottom damage to a bulk carrier to protect a major Australian charterer against claims. Safety of the port was an issue. Showed that the vessel sat on the bottom due to unusual and unpredictable tides caused by El Ninõ effect and the port was in fact safe. Also found evidence that the bottom damage was due to previously recognized structural design weaknesses known to the Classification Society. Instructed by Hill Taylor Dickinson, London, on behalf of charterers. The Thalassini Niki.
Investigated a collision in the Karnaphuli River off Chittagong involving inbound and outbound container vessels. conducted preliminary enquiries and wrote a report for lawyers. Instructed by Rajah & Tann. The Banga Biraj — The Eagle Strength.
Investigated an allision between a piloted panamax bulk carrier and a loading jetty at Wallaroo in South Australia. Wrote a detailed report for use by Australian lawyers in presenting the case. Instructed by Blake, Dawson Waldron. The Amarantos — the Australian Wheat Board.
Investigated a collision between a Handysize bulk carrier and a bunkering ship in Singapore waters resulting in pollution, on behalf of West of England P&I. Wrote a report on causes and liability. The Hermion — The Neptank VII.
Attended a collision in Singapore eastern anchorages between an anchored Panamax bulk carrier and a manoeuvring Capesize bulk carrier resulting in pollution, on behalf of West of England P&I. Wrote a report on causes and liability. The Bestec — the Sunrise I.
Investigated a US$250000 claim against a large Japanese charterer for contaminated oil cargo. Previous investigations had found no fault with the vessel or owner. Conducted a detailed examination of documents and created a piping diagram. Showed conclusively that the vessel and owner were responsible for the contamination. Instructed by Holman Fenwick Willan, Singapore, on behalf of Mitsui. ASHNA Pipe Schematic Colour
Reviewed two successive oil cargo contamination cases that had already been investigated by four other consultancy companies but had resulted in inconclusive reports. My brief was to establish whether the owners’ P&I Club had a case or not. Conducted a thorough review of documentation and drew a detailed pipeline diagram. Showed conclusively that both contaminations were unfortunately caused by crew negligence and pinpointed sources of contamination. Instructed by Holman Fenwick Willan on behalf of owner's P&I Club. Alam Berkat contamination

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